Copyright Registration Procedure in Indonesia

According to Article 1 paragraph (1) Law No. 28 Year 2014 regarding Copyright (Copyright Law), Copyright is the exclusive right of the creator that arise automatically based on the principle of declarative after an invention is embodied in a tangible form without prejudice to the restrictions in accordance with the provisions of the legislation.

Here are the Procedures and Required Documents for Copyright Registration:

A). Registration Procedure

  1. Filing an application to Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights to (Ditjen HK) altogether with the required documents;
  2. Providing a short description regarding the Copyright that will be registered;
  3. Providing statement of Copyright ownership;
  4. Paying the application fee.

B). Required Documents

  1. Photocopy of Indonesian Citizen ID Card (individual) or Company Deed (Legal Entity);
  2. Examples of the Copyrights that will be registered;
  3. Statement Letter;
  4. Application Form;
  5. Proof of Official Payment.

  19 Mei 2019