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Retainer Lawyer

As corporate lawyer chosen to handle legal issues regarding business activity done by a Company, we are also providing legal services in agreed time period (retainer).

Please find below the scope of Legal Services that we provide as Retainer Lawyer during the agreed time period.

A. Our Legal Service Scope

Legal Advice
Legal Advice
Providing legal advice for the Company in running its business activities as well as preventing legal issues arising in the future, written or verbally, covering legal issues relating to the Company business, employment, business contract, criminal law; and

Providing legal advice written or verbally, about the compliance of the company with the Indonesian Law.
Take a necessary action to recover the Company's credit and assets (Debt and Asset Recovery);

Prioritizing legal assistance to the Company in the form of handling Civil litigation case involving the Company, either as plaintiff or defendant, the applicant or the defendant, or witness; and

Prioritizing legal assistance to the Company in the form of handling Criminallitigation case involving the Company, either as plaintiff or defendant, the applicant or the defendant, or witness;
Legal Due Diligence
Legal Due Diligence
We will conduct audit/Legal due Diligence on Company's business activity legal aspects, including but not limited to: document examination and Company legality, Company obedience, and examination of the Company policy.

After conducting Legal Due Diligence, we will provide written Legal Opinion, to be used by the Company as a guidance in conducting business transaction and/or dealing with legal issues.
Corporate Secretarial Services
Corporate Secretarial Services
Filing all legal documents and licenses owned by the company, such as: Companys Deed, Minister of Law and Human Rights Approval/MOLHR Approval, Domicile Letter, Board of Director/Company Taxpayer Registration Number, Trade Business License, Company Registration Certificate, and other legalities or licenses; and

Ensuring all the legal documents and licenses owned by the Company are remain valid and comply with the law.
Contract or Agreements
Contract or Agreements
Analyzing the content of business contracts/agreements with the language that more easily to understood by the Company;

Drafting contracts/agreements as required by Company; and

Providing legal assistance to the Company in the negotiation of business contract drafting with third party, as well as dealing with disputes that may arise from the contracts.

B. Time Period

The time period of the legal service is 1 (one) year and can be extended according to mutual agreements.

We, PRAYOGO ADVOCATEN, have had years of experience handling matters related to corporate legal issues.


Agreements related to the handling of cases are always closed by creating a Legal Services Agreement, which contains details of the handling procedures of the case and the time period, including legal services fees required.

In choosing a lawyer, while someone who understands the Law is important, you also need someone that understand your rights and responsibilities. Someone that has the strategy and able to negotiate with. Someone that you can trust.


Corporate Legal | Litigation | Debt & Asset Recovery

  •  Menara Cakrawala 12th Floor, Unit 1205A, Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.9, RT.002 / RW.001, Kelurahan Kebon Sirih, Kecamatan Menteng, Kota Jakarta Pusat 10340 - Indonesia.
  •  Google Maps: https://maps.app.goo.gl/CFG9ZJjhobJZyaps9
  •  (021) 5890 5002
  •  (+62) 812-8791-9141
  •  legal@dhplawyers.com
  •  Monday - Friday: 8.00 AM - 8.00PM (Reservation Needed). Saturday & After Hours: please contact us in case of emergency situation

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