Prosedur Pengurusan SIUPAL

How To Obtain Operating Shipping License in Indonesia

In this article we will explore several important documents that must be fulfilled for sea transportation business in Indonesia.

Administrative Requirements

  1. Company application letter;
  2. Deed of Establishment of the company;
  3. Taxpayer Registration Number (NPWP);
  4. Photo of the person in charge of the company;
  5. Domicile Letter of the company.

The company must also have a team of experts in the field of sea and port management. In addition, the company must also have nautical experts, commercial shipping technical personnel who have official legality.

Companies are also required to include an integrity pact. The pact is proof of the company's commitment not to give gratuities to civil servants in any form. This integrity pact must also be stamped.

Companies need to attach a Statement of Absolute Responsibility (SPTJM). This letter is proof that the document is true and must be stamped. The goal is to be legally binding.

In addition for joint ventures companies, there are special rules for the percentage of shareholders. At least, the national business entity must have 51% share ownership in the water transportation service company.

Technical Requirements for SIUPAL Management Services

In addition to administrative requirements, the applicant must also complete it with technical requirements, as follows:

  1. The company owns a motorboat with an Indonesian flag with a minimum size of GT 175;
  2. Have an Indonesian-flagged tugboat with a minimum propulsion of 150 TK and the smallest barge measuring GT 175;
  3. The company must also have a seaworthy Indonesian-flagged tugboat with a minimum size of 175 GT;
  4. The company must have a motorized barge with an Indonesian flag of at least GT 175 in size.

For a joint venture company, must have 1 Indonesian-flagged vessel at least 5000 GT. In addition, the crew must also be of Indonesian citizenship.

If you have prepared all the requirements as mentioned above, then the SIUPAL can be issued within 2 - 3 months.

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